Act on Aging

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Unfortunately, quite a number of seniors grow old without their families or relatives. Many are left abandoned and are in need of help.

We continue to work for the welfare of the elderly and, in line with this, have re-defined our assistance program to include other equally important features, thus converting it into a one-stop-shop of sorts for elderly welfare. Through “Act on Aging” we give back to those who once invested in the future of their loved ones, those who made sacrifices so they could provide for others, those who have given expecting little in return … those who deserve to have a worry-free twilight. “Act on Aging” provides support, not only in terms of shelter and medical assistance, but also to include information and referral assistance for services relative to aging.



Meet Our Lolos and Lolas



“Do it! Whatever you want to do, DO IT! La gente siempre dice algun dia…pero ese dia nunca llega, tienes que hacerlo hoy mismo! (People always say “someday” but that day might never arrive so you have to do it today!)”


“Don’t speak bad words, that’s the no. 1 cause of problems. So instead, it’s better to help one another.”


What else is there to do but accept life and be content with what we have in life?