Future Projects|| Proyectos Futuros


Antipolo Project

antipolo propoerty

Construction of a home for the aged in Antipolo, located in the province of Rizal, about 25 kilometers east of Manila, where the Sociedad Española de Beneficencia owns 10 hectares of land to develop this ambitious project.

The objective for the Antipolo property is to maximize its value. It can be utilized for productive purposes based on determined “best use”. The long-term plan is to set-up a community for the elderly in order to provide on the one-hand, residential care for those requiring it; and on the other, a place of residence for foreign & returning Filipino retirees offering a secure community, healthcare & lifestyle.






Reestablishment of Hospital Español de Santiago

hospital espa;ol de santiagoAlthough long gone, the spirit of Hospital Español de Santiago remains alive. Considered one of the best in the Philippines in the early 1900’s, its reestablishment is on the list of SEB’s proposed long-term projects, considering that it is one of the best in the Philippines in the early 1900’s. At present, however, it is very ambitious to build and run an establishment of this nature. As a stepping stone towards the same goal, however, a polyclinic and/or dialysis center is being considered. The main objectives would be to offer affordable medical and diagnostic services and proceeds would support the programs and thrusts of SEB.











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