Make a Donation

Why should you donate?

“Have you ever felt compelled to help someone – a gut reaction as you witnessed a struggle and recognized that you were capable of support? Whether it is a person stumbling on the street or falling on hard times because of illness, whether it is someone close to us or a complete stranger – our first impulse is to help.”[1]

The only prerequisite when making a donation is this: you have to care. You don’t have to be a millionaire to make a difference. That small amount you give has the potential to relieve a weary body of pains and improve an elderly person’s quality of life. There is an urgent need for donations to support the needs and treatment of the elderly, most especially the abandoned elderly. Sadly, statistics point to approximately 1.5million abandoned and abused elderly in the Philippines[2]. Imagine what your donation could do for them. You would be contributing to their peace of mind, leading to healthier and fuller lives.


[1] http://www.thelifeyoucansave.org/

[2] http://www.crowdh.com/elderly-abandonment-in-the-philippines/