“I can’t see that well. I can see with one of my eyes but it’s blurry, my other eye is completely blind. There are no medicines for my eyes. There is no one I can rely on right now either. There are even people who are cursing at me but I ignore them since[…]



  I’m originally from Santa Lucia, Ilocos Sur. I grew up there till I was about 15 before I came here to Manila. I got married here as well. I’m new here at Little Sisters; I’ve stayed for less than a month. My two previous employers brought me here. They’re sisters who are studying in[…]



I have 4 siblings; I was the only girl and the others were boys. All of them are married and have families, I’m the only one who never got married. We don’t have parents anymore so I was left alone. They wouldn’t allow me to rent a place because it would be more dangerous. I[…]



I lived in America from 1974 till 2012. I worked in a hospital there for 15 years. Then after that, Marriott took me to work for them. I was managing one of their restaurants. That’s when my brain started slowing down and I had a hard time remembering things. After many months of training, I[…]



  I’m originally from Cebu but I moved to Manila to work. When I arrived here, I worked as a cook in a house. I know how to cook paella and chicken dishes. One time, my blood pressure rose really high while I was working. I assumed it was because of the heat. My employer[…]



I’m living a solo life now that’s why I’m here, I don’t have a husband anymore nor are my children around because the 2 of them  are adults now. My mother told me to find work in Manila so I could provide for my family. So then I started to work as a housekeeper for[…]



I often gets outbalanced because of my weak knees due to high blood pressure, diabetes and rheumatism. I have always been alone, no parents, no husband, no relatives. So I mustered up my courage to come here in Manila by myself to find work. I didn’t have a husband so I knew I needed to[…]