I often gets outbalanced because of my weak knees due to high blood pressure, diabetes and rheumatism.

I have always been alone, no parents, no husband, no relatives. So I mustered up my courage to come here in Manila by myself to find work. I didn’t have a husband so I knew I needed to work hard to be able to live. That’s how it is right? I only had myself to depend on. I never even stepped into school, so I have never gotten an education, that’s why I aged while working. I worked inside a house, cleaning and doing laundry. I worked there until the house needed to be remodeled. I had nowhere to go so my employer told me to find a way to seek a good shelter. My employer said it was dangerous for me to live alone, so a friend of mine called the nuns for me to come here in manila and they agreed. When I got to Manila, I didn’t know what kind of life I would have ahead of me. My advice to the young would be: don’t give up, even if you’re alone. What else is there to do but accept life and be content with what we have in life?

Thinking back, I don’t think I have any happy memories, because the only thing I can recall is me working. But I had to learn to like and be happy with working, so people should also learn to be happy with their work, no matter what it is.

I’m happy here, even if life is like this, because I really feel comfortable here. We attend mass in the morning, have breakfast afterwards, then another prayer session at 2pm. I don’t really watch television, but I like cleaning our room. I’m still pretty strong and capable.

The most important thing for me is my life. I will always remember the things that has happened in my life, riches are not important, although I’m rich in experience. I grew up poor and I’m still poor but I am thankful that I am here and can still walk around and do things.

I just want to share my story to others.

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