I lived in America from 1974 till 2012. I worked in a hospital there for 15 years. Then after that, Marriott took me to work for them. I was managing one of their restaurants. That’s when my brain started slowing down and I had a hard time remembering things. After many months of training, I had a stroke and when I got better, I had to go through training again. I have a brother and a sister there but we don’t get along. The last time I saw them was 2 years ago. When I came back to the Philippines in 2012, I stayed with my mother until she passed away.

I came to Little Sisters two years ago because my aunt brought me here. She said that I would start living here already because I don’t want to stay in house anymore since that is where my mother passed away so I prefer to stay here instead. At first I was really afraid since I’ve never stayed at a ‘home’ before so was usually in my room back then except when we would eat. We don’t really do much here unless we have visitors. I enjoy it here because it’s a happy environment. I have a roommate and we appreciate each other’s company. Back then I thought we wouldn’t get along but we did eventually.

I’m glad I’m still around but I do miss my parents. My first husband, John, died after 3 ½ years of being married. My second marriage didn´t work out so well. I never had children with either of my husbands.

My advice is to do everything you want to while you can still do it then when you get older, that’s when you slow down. The simplest is to stay loose, don’t act like a dog, and be cool.

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