I have 4 siblings; I was the only girl and the others were boys. All of them are married and have families, I’m the only one who never got married. We don’t have parents anymore so I was left alone. They wouldn’t allow me to rent a place because it would be more dangerous. I worked in Makati for 20 years. My boss was the wife of Joker Arroyo and she found out about my problem of going back and forth from Cubao to Makati. She asked if I wanted to live in a home for the elderly. At first I couldn’t answer because I was going to live all alone without any companion.

After time passed, I started liking it in the home up to now. The nuns are nice and this place is different from other homes. I’m happy here, I can go out when I want to. I don’t have any regrets; I like staying here more than living outside. 20 years of working and going back and forth from Makati to Cubao can get hectic. If you are looking for peace and quiet, it’s here.

What I can tell you is don´t get married yet: enjoy being single. The younger generation doesn´t know how hard the  married life is. Apart from working, you have a family to take care of. At one point, you really have to go on your own because everyone has their own lives. I rather stay here than go to with my siblings or their families so that I won’t be a burden. That’s what I can also share with you and your generation. Think first and finish your studies so that you can live a good life.

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